Monday, March 26, 2007

Iraq and the Lawyers

It's amazing the lengths our "free press" will go to avoid talking about Iraq.

Anna Nicole did it for a while for the entertainment news TV set, but that's fading away as the cause of her death is revealed (overdose) and the court cases wind down.  Chipmunk-on-speed "singer" Britney MusicVideoBunny ("I'm really a good Christian girl - now watch me bump and grind") melting down was fun for a while, but she's now out of rehab and wig shopping.

What's a corporate media to do?


The most partisan administration in memory (if not history) decides that some of it's Republican US Attorneys just aren't Republican enough and it's 24/7 on the newschannels.  What did they do to get fired?  They did their jobs and went after corruption, even if it meant going after more GOPers than D's.

Fire Attorney General Gonzalez! goes the cry as the Repugs try their damndest to do PR without a happily compliant Congress to watch their backs.  "Clinton did it too!!" has been about the best comeback from the Bushbots on TV, radio and the blogs and that isn't working for them. 

Let's get serious here for a sec - is it really such a shock and scandal that the Bushies would try and make the US Attorneys' offices into RNC HQs?  Outside of a "gotcha" benefit, calling for AG Gonzalez's head over shuffling one set of Bushbots for some even-more-loyal Bushbots is like the Academy Awards' habit of giving consolation Oscars the next year after they pass over a gangbuster performance or movie the year before.  This Texas Toady should never have been confirmed in the first place, and the bastard should have been flying out the door when he said it was OK for the chickenhawks to make us an international Torture Police State.

Back to the corporate media: if you depend on television exclusively for news (which places you as a part of the around-80% of Americans who do), you'd think the Democrats are buying into this too.  A tour around the newschannels and the evening news would have you believe that the lawyer flap is the only thing the Dem Congress is concerned with, which is only less than half true.

Which brings us back to Iraq.

After much prodding and spine-shoring-up, the Democrats are actually trying to do what most voters voted them in to do:  stop the Iraq war.  The House voted 218-212 to get our butts outta there.  Both houses of Congress are going to start putting people under oath and subpeona-ing them to get them to show up, and it's not all going to be about BushbotGate - the war and it's profiteers are about to get a good look-over too.

Try and find this on your TV though.  I'm sure the corporate CEOs of our main news sources are praying that Michael Jackson moves back to the USA before they have to start putting real news about the war and what most voters want to do about it on.



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