Sunday, March 4, 2007

More encouraging signs from The Right

The Republicans are working overtime to help us out in '08.  I spent a bit of time looking at video and blogging from two recent "conservative" events today, the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in D.C. and the Oregon Republican get-together called the Dorchester Conference, and one thing struck me immediately.  Namely,

The cons have no idea why they really lost last year and are setting themselves up to do it again in 2008.

See what I mean - go watch the short but excellent video posted at from CPAC by The Nation's Max Blumenthal.  The wingnuttiness is breathtaking, but what stood out for me is watching the realization by a young college Republican that her party and comrades' stand on immigration shows that the con "movement" and the GOP are what they've always been:  The White Men's Party.  She doesn't look happy about it either.  Awww.  As the button I found online says, "Go home and obey your husband, you Republican bitch!"

The rest of the video pretty much speaks for itself, including the recent rantings of the Coultergeist - complete with chummy photo of the HateWitch with flip-flopping Repug presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 

The Oregon con con was more of the same (no video from that but some great blogging from it at and

The upshot of all of this?  The cons have convinced themselves that they didn't lose because the voters rejected the failure of conservatism and its programs - they lost because they weren't conservative enough! Bashing immigration cost the right votes?  Bash them harder!  The Iraq War is unpopular?  STAY THE COURSE!  And always, TAX CUTS, TAX CUTS, TAX CUTS!

It's not surprising that a "movement" based on self-delusion continues to delude itself, but you'd think there was a few cons who had a slight finger-grip on reality in there somewhere.  Oh well - we'll just have to settle for increasing our majorities in the House and the Senate next year.  And with the sitting-ducks the Republican presidential field is for '08, I'dsuggest everyone watch the 2008 Democratic National Convention very closely - you will be watching the nomination of our next President.

Thanks conservatives, we couldn't do it without you!

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