Saturday, March 3, 2007

Post-election musings

Here we are - the Democrats control Congress and we're (we being liberals) still not happy.  Not that that's much of a surprise - too many people thought that winning would solve everything.  I guess they forgot who is still in the White House.

I have a few suggestions to relieve this:

First, remember that the Democrats have only been in control for under 3 months.  Give them some slack here - most of the members of the House and the Senate with a (D) behind their names are used to being a part of the minority party in Congress for as long as they've been in office. Then you have the newbies who've barely set up their staffs, let alone learned how to get around in their new positions.    Being the majority is new for them and us - let them settle in a bit.             

Second, keep in mind how our government is set up, and that is to slow things down.  As much as we'd like to breathe fire, expose all the misdeeds of the Bush administration and bring the neocon house down RIGHT NOW it simply isn't going to happen that fast.  It'll come, but again, give them some time to get it together and going.

Finally, Third, we're different than the Republicans.  The GOPers, once they got their real agenda of enriching the rich out of the way, spent most of their time trying to bust up the presidency of that guy named Bill who's main sin was not being one of them.  I'll happily admit that's part of the agenda now as well (and much more deserved now than it was back in the '90s), but we actually want to get things done.  Going after George is great, but there's people who need health insurance and the working poor who need a raise.  To do that, we can't go whole hog after Dubya - we will have to try and get some compromises going so he won't just veto everything the Democrats get passed.

I understand the frustration here, it's been a long slog for the 12 years we've been shut out and left to wander in the wilderness.  We want things going NOW. 

The best advice I can give is one word:  Patience.  Even with the missteps, the signs are good that the Democrats will get it together and do the things we elected them to do.

Now, if my nerves can just hold out until then, it'll be OK.





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