Sunday, April 1, 2007

If we won, why am I still so pissed off?

Since this blog is just me and a few others (God Bless the 30 of you who've been here!), is it just me or are you feeling just as angry as you ever have?

I mean, we won! We won!  Things are supposed to get better now!  It's getting there, at least on the level of good things are getting passed even if they do end up dead in the Senate or vetoed.  I'm pretty much a half a loaf is better than none kind of guy but this is like putting a candle on a box of cake mix and saying 'Happy Birthday!'

I think what is getting my goat is twofold:  first, the Republicans are acting like they're still in charge and you'd be hardpressed to prove otherwise the way the Democrats are acting. C'mon, Dems - I know we're pretty nice people and want to treat others the way we want to be treated, but it's past time to understand that this is a one-way affair.  Mario Cuomo said the Republicans were nasty people doing nasty things a few years back and he's still right.  We need to stop laying down and writing welcome on our faces - the nasty right is still stepping on us and we need to start stomping back!  We are now LARGE AND IN CHARGE - start acting like it, damn it!

The second part of this is that, besides the GOPers trying to act like it's their ball, they still seem to be getting away with it.  Iraq, LawyerGate, WalterReedGate, on and on and on.  The 'news' tell us it's no big deal - this only deals with national security and little things like the rule of law.  It's not like it's sex or anything! Face it -  'the news' are still sucking up to the right.  Turn off your TV and turn on your computer - that's about the only place you can get informed nowadays.  I get more news about America from foreign newspapers than I get all day on CNN.

How about the 'getting away with it' bit?  How about starting some damn impeachments and taking these asses out of office?  To paraphrase Republican Spokeswoman Ann Coulter, it's time to warm up the courts and letting these wimpy, hire-someone-to-do-the-real-work rightwing "tough guys" know that they just can't do whatever they want without consequence.  They can be busted and jailed just like the corner meth addict.

TortureBoy Gonzalez would be a nice start, and then when the Democrats learn that the world didn't end when they got tough maybe we can go after the real crooks in this administration - all the way to the oil men emptying the Treasury from the White House.


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