Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Republicans still matter?

There's a meme going among the denizens of the conservative mainstream media (not unsurprisingly) and even among the genuine liberal media that's getting very annoying.  It goes something like this: 

See?  The Republicans want us out of Iraq too!

See?  The Republicans want Gonzales out too!

And on and on and on.

We won the election last year and the argument well before that, but here we are, still acting like the opinions that matter are those of the right and the Republicans.  Hey, those guys are the minority!  Who cares that now, out of a desperate desire for self-preservation, the cons want to look like they've had their road to Damascus moment and are now on the side of good?  It's still a game of false fronts and misdirection.

Some Republican voters are against the war now and think we should get out?  Sure they are, as they decide which one of the "I'll keep the war going until we win!" candidates they'll support in '08.  Some Republican congresspeople now think Bush is doing a bad job and isn't a real conservative?  Gee, you sure weren't saying any of that when Bush's approval numbers were higher and you were all voting with him 90+% of the time. 

Here's the bottom line:  THEY LOST, WE WON.  We need to remind them of this hourly as they continue to be treated and act like they still control everything.  Don't tell me what Mitch McConnell thinks of the latest Democratic bill - he lost the Senate and only matters as to what he will do to stop it.  I don't care what the Republican House leaders think about Iraq - they lost the House by 30 seats and are irrelevant.  Let's see the Democratic leaders on TV - they WON and what they have to say does matter, even if Lame Duck Bush still gets to infest the White House for less than two years.

The majority of Americans agree with us on the war, on domestic issues, and for the first time sinceBush used the 9/11 attacks as political fodder they identify with the Democratic Party more than the Republican.  We don't need the Republicans' approval anymore, so enough with the "The Republicans are with us too!" nonsense.

WE ARE THE MAINSTREAM.  It's about time we started acting like it.



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