Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who was it?

That blew up the OKC building?

That had the standoff at Ruby Ridge?

That planned to kill police officers and then blow up the first responders?

That plans on forming an militia in Oklahoma to fight the government?

That heartily endorsed tax cuts for the super-rich?

That heartily endorsed the Iraq war (even though France was RIGHT; there were NO WMDs)?

That had NO problem with Bush not securing the munitions in Iraq, which were immediately looted and used to kill Americans.

That heartily endorsed stripping US citizens of the 5th Amendment rights?

That heartily endorsed denying US citizens the right to bail or a trial or an attorney?

That heartily endorsed Halliburton building internment camps?

That heartlily endorsed PD51 by Bush, which would let him take over the government?

That heartily endorsed removing oversight of the financial industry in 1999, 2004 and 2007?

That heartily endorsed the law that is being used to prosecute those religious nuts in Michigan (or Minn or wherever) as terrorists and send them to Gitmo?

That heartily endorsed the oil companies meeting with Cheney to dictate our oil policy?

That heartily endorsed Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of Medicare since its inception?

That endorsed DOUBLING the deficit from 2001 to 2008.

That endorsed Bush directing Federalized troops to confiscate guns in New Orleans?

That endorsed Bush filing an Amicus Brief with SCOTUS in SUPPORT of the DC gun ban?

That endorsed Bush taking guns out of National Parks?

That endorsed a president that spent 1/2 of his entire presidency on vacation?

That endorsed Bush going on vacation immediately after being warned that bin Laden was about to strike?

That endorsed Bush ignoring FBI warnings about Arabs learning how to fly, but not being interested in taking off or landing?

That gave Bush a complete PASS when 9/11 happened?

That gave Bush a complete PASS when he let thousands of people die during Katrina and then didn't do what he promised about helping to rebuild?

That gave Bush a complete PASS when he KISSED a Saudi Prince and held the guy's hand?

That gave Bush a complete PASS when he let bin Laden's relatives escape the country right after 9/11, when NO OTHER flights were allowed to fly?

That gave Bush a complete PASS for gutting the Consumer Protection agency and then having people die because they weren't protected?

That gave Bush for giving companies TAX CREDITS for offshoring jobs?

That gave Cheney a complete PASS for drinking and then shooting his friend in the face?

Why - I believe it was the moronic Reich-wingers. They didn't have even ONE problem with all of that.

But NOW - they make up crap about Obama and wail and moan and shit themselves over the how we've gone far away from the Constitution - even though they don't have a clue what the Constitution says. One winger even said that the STATES hold power over the FEDS. I rather thought that the Constitution and then the voters did that - being a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC and all. I've never heard that drivel about the States; it used to be these wackos ran on and on about the power of the County (Posse Comitatus), where the COUNTY, not the state, was the supreme power. I guess they can't make up their pointy little heads.

It's a bitch having a black man in the White House; it gives those wingers fits.

h/t to Larry, who posted this to the Left Wing Radicals email group.

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