Friday, April 23, 2010

Rightwingers Finally Get Their Police State

They went and did it.  Arizona succumbed to anti-"illegal alien" madness and signed into law a measure that is so incredibly un-American that words fail.

The law requires police to stop anyone on “reasonable suspicion” of being an undocumented immigrant. People could be arrested for failing to produce a valid driver’s license or papers proving they are a legal resident.
What?  Hispanic people in Arizona now have to walk around with papers proving it's OK for them to be here?  Excuse me, what country is this again?  Well, OK's not just for brown people who either speak Spanish or have a Spanish accent but seriously, we know who's going to be stopped.  It sure ain't gonna be that Canadian who lets slip an "aboot" and "oot" or that random German or French accent.  They're, ya know, white.

Oh, and it gets worse.  Matty Yglesias has the scoop:

According to America’s Voice, the approved bill, entitled the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” would “make every undocumented worker in Arizona guilty of a criminal offense and require state and local police to go after them.” More specifically, it would allow police to arrest anyone who is in this country illegally and charge them with trespass, require police to attempt to determine the immigration status of anyone they encounter, outlaw the hiring of day laborers off the street, and prohibit anyone from knowingly transporting an undocumented immigrant for any reason.
Wow, a rightwing Two-fer!  Take that, you pesky Fourth and Fifth Amendment - we never liked you anyway!!  You're brown and guilty until proven innocent! 

This isn't racial profiling, this is racial targeting.

No doubt this will be challenged in court and thrown out very soon, but until that happens let's remember one very important thing.  Which party's members passed this in the Arizona legislature and which party does the Governor who signed it belong to?


Since Hispanic-Americans - the fastest growing minority in America - are not stupid and will figure out who's to blame for this...I wonder which party will now get even more of their vote? 

Tough call.....

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Somewhere a piece of shit named Evan Mecham is smiling.

That fucker Joe Arpaio is going to be uncontrollable