Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Conservative Theories vs. Reality Scoreboard

Now that we're past the years of conservatives telling us if we only followed their ideas, things would be just GREAT (and righties still trying to make that argument now), let's review how their ideas actually played out when conservatives controlled the White House and Congress:

Con theory:  Give the wealthy more tax breaks!  After all, a poor man doesn't give you a job!!
Result:  10% unemployment, possibly as high as 22%

Con theory:  Quit putting so much regulations on business, they'll police themselves!
Result:  Banks, financial companies, auto manufacturers bailed out to prevent total economic failure.

Con theory:  There's no need to regulate what businesses do, the invisible hand of the free market will correct anything bad going on!
Result:  Thousands die in earthquakes due to collapsed, unregulated buildings in Peru and Haiti.

Con theory:  Taxation is theft!
Result:  Collapsing infrastructure, not enough or no snowplows during winter storms, school failing, poor suffering from service cuts, states near bankruptcy.

...and more that I can think of.

Remind me again why anyone would want people who think these failed policies would work if they did more of them back into power again?

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This is what the MSM should be focused on. I can't believe the people would vote back in the criminally corrupt republicans. This isn't 1994. We've had 8 long terrible years of a republican controlled Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches and they stole so much they damm near destroyed the country and they want to do it again.