Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bartcop Nails it again

Twelve hours driving alone...

I've been saying for years that Democrats are all about being fair.

Remember the old westerns, when Little Joe Cartwright was in a fight,
he'd knock the guy down, then help him to his feet and knock him down again?

But when the bad guy knocked down Little Joe, he'd kick him in the face.

I always wondered, why does the good guy always want to fight fair?

That's today's Democrats and I think I see the source of their confusion.
The Democrats seem to think they're in the NFL, and it's important to
play by the rules because there's no shame in losing if you tried your best.

They want to play the game with honor and that's a laudable goal,
but the other team is cheating so there's no way we're in a fair fight.

The Democrats don't understand that this isn't some damn football game.
It's the future of our country and health care and civil rights they're supposed
to be fighting for, but they're all hung up on playing by the rules and it's killing us.

The Democrats have laid down their arms in the hope that the GOP teabaggers
will see that disarming themselves would be the fair thing to do, but the GOP
just laughs at how gullible and naive the Democrats are as they shoot at us.

I wish the Democrats would put winning first, for once, and playing fair second.

Tell me, if you're walking with your wife on the street and some asshole jumps out
from behind a bush with a knife and says, "Give me your wallet and your wife,"
a Democrat might - I say might - engage him but as soon as he knocked the
mugger down, the Democrat would be all Little Joe and help the mugger back to his feet.

Not me.

I'd wail on the bastard until a crowd pulled me off of him.

I'd beat his head with a brick until he stopped moving.

That's what we need in this life-and-death fight we're currently in.

More bartcop and less "Let's be fair."

I'm sick to f-ing death of fighting fair - and losing.

Democrats need to fight dirty - whatever it takes to win..

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Walter H. said...

I feel exactly the same. Why not attack JUST LIKE a republican would attack? Why do we ALWAYS have to take the high road? I, for one, am ready to get in the mud!