Friday, August 24, 2007

The unquiet desperation of the trash right

Hey, guess what?  All 60%+ of us Americans are all surrender monkeys again, ready to "retreat and surrender" out of Iraq!  And if we don't stay, there'll be a bloodbath, just like there was in Vietnam!  Oh, the horror!

Or so the cowardly, stay-at-home couch war supporters say. 

I have a real simple message for them:  screw off.

As Prezidunce Bush wants to kick the occupation down the road so anybody but him gets blamed for it, the idea here is to blame the people against the war for "losing" the war.  Not the architects, not the supporters, we people who were never for Bush's Glorious War of Oil Liberation in the first place are going to be blamed for this debacle.

Yeah, right.

Here's a few things they are clinging to as they see final defeat for the neo-nuts looming:  we - the only true, white, right thinking neocon patriots - really had the right idea about Iraq, it was just handled badly.  You stupid Americans just aren't wise enough to bow to our wisdom, and it's not our fault. 

What a pantload.

Here's the real deal for the rightwing fantacists.  Iraq still had nothing to do with 9/11 or Al Qaeda under Saddam, no matter how many times you repeat your lies that it was otherwise.  The war was an unnecessary war of choice that had nothing to do with protecting us and everything to do with padding your bank accounts.  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when we went in, there are none now. The war against terrorists was in Afghanistan - the war to realize your dreams of a Middle East oil control empire is in Iraq.  I don't care if you call it a "surge" or pink cotton candy, your escalation of that imperial war is a failure.

Here's the bottom line for the rightwing bottom feeders:  You lost in 2006, and you're going to lose again in 2008.

And don't they know it!  Repub congressmen are bailing out left and right so they aren't defeated next year.  The far trash right is flailing out in all directions (they're even trying to re-write the history of Vietnam) to keep those paychecks for peddling hate coming in.  The people aren't with them, and the best they can hope for is to wring the last few dimes out of the ever-shrinking Bush cult true believers that are left.  Their leaders in the White House arebeing dismissed as delusional and out of touch by most of the country - heck, its gotten so bad for them that a majority of Americans have already said they won't trust that lip-sticked pig that will supposedly be the Petraeus "report" before it's even been fine-tuned by the GOP failed wizards and released.

So, thrash and crash and moan, righties.  The country's political pendulum was headed leftward in 2000 (combining the votes for Gore and Nader, 2000 was the first time in 20 years that the majority of the vote went center-left) - that was derailed for a while after 9/11.  You had your moment in the sun, but the pendulum has finished it's jog to the right and is headed left again.

The right didn't only lose the elections in 2006, they lost the argument well before then and it hasn't turned around for them.  Enjoy their wailing and gnashing of teeth - they're done.





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ideasmee said...

Proud Liberal,

I have to object to your posting on Progressive Radio are we blowing it?

You say that Thom Hartmann is somehow compromising his beliefs in debating the Heritage and Cato Institutes, etc.

With Thom it is like a "teach in."

He gets these weird ideas out in front of the public and then twists the proponents into something they have not thought through or cannot defend.  This is important for all of us to use at the dinner table when the neo-con talking points surface.  We are constantly being challenged as being soft on terrorism and not being patriotic and when someone challenges us we shut down.  

Listening to these idiotic points of view is important.  To know the enemy.  Then co-opt him.

We need to know both sides of the issue or we risk losing........campaigns, senate votes, our own personal political sanity.

Thom also brings us Senator Bernie Sanders once a week.  Should he throw him off too?

This is the only regular contact the majority of Americans has with a Senator where you can ask questions.  

William Henry Mee
Santa Fe, NM
The Big Lie