Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well, what did you THINK was going to happen?

I was thinking over this Libby commutation of his prison term thing and getting all worked up over it when it hit me.  What did I expect Bush to do?  The guy has been nothing but a self-centered lying sack-o-shite from the day the Bush Supremes got together and awarded Georgie the White House.  I know the line has been that Bush is stoooooopid, but I never completely bought that - he's been bright enough to misdirect fire onto any target but him for the last 7 years.  And he knew damn well that if li'l Scooter heard the solid slam of a cell door he'd get real interested real fast in telling the real story of how Valerie the Spy got her cover broken because of politics.

Back to the mis-directed fire thing:  Think of it - most of the bad things that's happened during Dear Leader Bush's infestation of the people's White House has hardly ever been placed at his feet.  War on Iraq for control of the oil fields not going well?  Bush's fault?  Nawww.....that was because of D. Rumsfeld and those wacky neocons.  Economy not so great?  It was that durned Republican Congress and their mad spending ways (now the fault of the Democrats in Congress since they had the audacity to wrest control from God's Own Party).  Does even Katrina belong to GW?  No again - Brownie and Chertie screwed the pooch on that one.

Well, at least that worked for a while.  People are putting the blame where it belongs, on War President Dubya....right?  The darling of the left wing of the Democratic Party, Dennis Kucinich, did stand up and place into the hopper articles of impeachment....against Vice President Dick Cheney. 

Huh?  Who? 

Dennis says it's Halliburton Dick's fault that we got into Iraq.

Freakin' WHAT?  Oh dear gawd, Bush dodges another bullet - even if hardly any of Mr. K's fellow (D)s are signing on.

So, stupid George gets us to blame somebody but him again. 

However, commuting Libby's jail time is all his.  In the best criminal mindset, he had to do it.  There it is - notes from Cheney saying that "this President" wanted Mrs. Wilson to become a non-spy to get that husband of hers because the bastard went and told on him. Libby lied so well that any case against the real boss would be lost in the obstruction blizzard.  Loyalty like that needed to be rewarded - first no jail, then as George is heading to the real estate office to sell off his phony Texas as he leaves the White House, a complete pardon.

But what about all the outrage from the Democrats?  Well - so what.  Bush knows that he's still got the congressional Dems still acting like a battered wife so well that they'll make lots of noise but when the rubber hits the road they won't DO squat.  We already know what a club that huge 30-26% approval rating makes - but our party leaders still act like he won 49 states last time and has the loving approval of a majority of Americans even now.

Folks, it's time to do what it takes to impeach the bastard.  Not Cheney, not Rice, not Gonzalez - it's time to go for the main event and add the word "impeached" to George W.'s resume.  This post on the site, makes the case on why we should push this.  Forget the Senate trial or whether the President is removed, the black mark is there for posterity.  Never mind that they finished their terms, rightly or wrongly Andrew Johnson was impeached, Richard Nixon was nearly impeached and Bill Clinton was impeached.  Deserved or not, the stain remains and will be in the history books forever.

Sending emails and signing online petitions is a start, but to get this done we're going to have to get off our asses and into the streets and our Representatives' office.  The time to ask politely is over - it's past time to remind that member of the House that we don't have the cash but we do have the votes and we demand that George W. Bush be impeached - for Libby and a carload of crimes. 

Enough is enough.




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